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With Your Support, We Raised over $4,000!

The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation Giving Tuesday Campaign to support Cara’s Kennel raised over $4,000 in the 2022 campaign. The funds raised will support the expansion of the compassionate care animatronic friends used in our memory care units as well as other community members and those assisted by the Ohio Masonic Resource Center.

Growing Cara’s Kennel Through Your Generosity

Cara’s Kennel is comprised of six different animatronic friends to keep people company who are not able to care for a living pet. We have dogs like Biscuit and Scout. cats like Butterscotch and even two birds, ?? and Rosie? that can be attached to a walker. These pets are meant to provide company, interaction and the birds even help prevent falls.

As shared in the campaign, Joann’s story is just one example of how Cara’s Kennel has made a difference. While a horse is not an option, we were able to help Joann find a substitute for her cat Little Girl when she passed.

Joann has always had a love for animals. From the time she was young, she always had cats and dogs. If you have a conversation with Joann about animals, she’ll animatedly tell you about how much she enjoyed riding her horses.

When she moved to Browning Masonic Community, Joann brought her cat, Little Girl, with her. Unfortunately, after several years, Little Girl passed. Without her companion and comfort, Joann was devastated. The staff at Browning Masonic Community knew something had to be done.

Thankfully, there was a robotic cat available. The cat purrs and meows just like Little Girl did and provides Joann with the same sense of comfort and companionship. She even calls her new cat Little Girl.

Joann has benefitted from being able to have a furry companion in her robotic pet. There are other residents at The Ohio Masonic Home communities who could also benefit from the added comfort, companionship, and support of their own pet.

By supporting Giving Tuesday, you were a part of the solution and helped make it possible for those that need a little companionship to get their own robotic pet. Thank you for your support!

For someone who can sometimes be isolated from family and friends, especially those with a memory-related diagnosis, these companion pets have been shown to have a positive effects on mental wellbeing, stress, physical mobility, and feelings of loneliness or isolation.

Giving Tuesday, the hope was to raise awareness of, and support for, Butterscotch and Biscuit so that even more community members can have their very own companion pet, and we did just that.