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Calling All Brethren to Donate $100/ Year!

As a Mason, our support impacts the lives of many! Last year alone, we helped over 1,500
Masons live better lives by connecting them to resources and aiding them in finding their
place at one of The Ohio Masonic Home communities.

We encourage seniors to thrive by providing experiences such as Dream Flights, trips to
rock climb, or the support needed for quality care.

With as Little as $8.34/ Month We Can Raise Millions

As the Interim Executive Director of The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation, I am
challenging our Brethren to each donate $100 a year – or $8.34 per month. With this gift,
together we will raise $6 million and provide the resources that support our fellow Masons
and their families.

We, as Mason’s, play a vital role in The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation making a
difference and reaching the goals of the foundation and the Fraternity. Whether providing
iPads, keeping families connected during COVID, caring for a Mason’s widow through
our highly trained staff, or putting an arm around a Brother who needs to be part of a
community, our generosity makes these things happen.

Since 1892, The Ohio Masonic Home has served as a trusted partner for people to age
where and how they choose, with campuses in Medina, Springfield, and Waterville, Ohio.

Together, Your gifts of $100 or More Will Make It Possible

Founded on our Masonic values, our senior living communities are open to all individuals
over fifty-five. Our campuses and The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center partner with
Ohio residents, empowering them to live healthy, independent, and supported lifestyles.

Together, our gifts of $100 or more make it possible to continue providing exceptional
living experiences for all Ohio Masons, their wives and widows, and other people in
need in Ohio.

Serving Our Communities

The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation works in partnership with The Ohio Masonic Home
communities so that Masons and our families will have options – such as independent
living, assisted living, or finding community resources to keep our Brethren and their
families in their own homes. Together, we will fulfill our obligation.

The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation, established in 1995, exists as a separate not-for-profit
501(c)(3) organization supporting the operations of The Ohio Masonic Home and its not for-profit subsidiaries.

If you would like more information, or would like to schedule a time to visit one of our
communities and receive a guided tour, call me at (219)-533-0059.

Thank you, Brothers, for living our values and fostering communities that thrive.