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“I Couldn’t Take Care of Her”

“I couldn’t take care of her the way she should be taken care of,” Bill shared as he remembered caring for his wife, Janet, after a fall led to a hip replacement.

A Helping Hand from Springfield Masonic Community

At the beginning of 2022, Bill decided he was tired of keeping up with the yard work and shoveling snow. He also realized that Janet’s Parkinson’s meant their three-story home was not the best choice for them anymore. So, they moved to Springfield Masonic Community but just six months later Janet fell and needed a hip replacement. Janet could not have received the type of care Bill knew she needed and deserved had it not been for Springfield Masonic Community.

Following a short stay in rehab, Janet returned home to their villa. After only three days at home, Bill realized Janet required more care than he was able to provide on his own. Thanks to the generous support of donors to The Ohio Masonic Communities Foundation, Springfield Masonic Community can provide every level of care from independent and assisted living to skilled nursing and memory care. That means that in addition to the villas where Bill and Janet live independently, the campus also offers assisted living and skilled nursing care. Janet was able to move to skilled nursing and receive the care she needed while she continued to recover. Janet regained her mobility quickly, and although she still needed extra help with things like bathing, dressing, and preparing and eating meals, Janet received the care she needed. Being less than a ten-minute walk away from their home and on the same campus made it easier for Bill to not only frequently visit his wife but to work with and learn from the incredible staff at Springfield Masonic Community.

Feeling Relieved and Supported

By the time Janet was ready to return to their home, Bill was ready too. Armed with the lessons he learned from the nursing staff and the support of home health aides, Bill felt confident that he could provide Janet the care she needed this time. Bill now feels relieved knowing that Springfield Masonic Community is there to provide him and his wife care and support if they need it again in the future. Not only does he know that there will be people to help him take care of Janet when he can no longer do it on his own, he also knows that there will be people to care for her if anything happens to him.

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